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Baby Swaddle

Baby Swaddle

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Get ready to sleep a lot when your baby is soothed in the günamüna® swaddle sleep bag. This down alternative sack with evenly distributed weight increases relaxation, arms in or out, while the special wonderzip® keeps baby swaddled & cozy for diaper changes.

A better way to sleep: research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper sleep cycle, increases serotonin, and reduces anxiety by giving the same all-over sensation as a full-on, calming cuddle.

Easier: the one-of-a-kind wonderzip® diaper-zipper keeps baby swaddled + covered + cozy during the easiest diaper changes.

Your choice: arms in or out. Safe transition for babies who roll.

Feel the difference: magically fluffy + perfectly weighted in ultra-soft bamboo rayon mimics your soothing hug all night.

Down alternative: a luxurious microfiber fill that mimics the warmth and loft of a down comforter.

 Most comfy fit: wider bottom to comfortably kick and fold legs in the natural frog position.

Size: Newborn to 3 months

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